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Interactive Data Visualization

Texas Death Row


Have you ever wondered how people would feel in the moment right before their death?

Texas Death Row is an interactive data visualization explores emotion of executed inmates in Texas prison. The viewer can access information of executed inmates along with their final statements. Texas Death Row presents unique narratives to its users. The data visualization is created in Processing 3.0.

To download the application, please click here (Windows OS only).


Sentiment Analysis

Each inmate's information is sourced from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The website provides up-to-date information on prisoners who had been executed and currently on death row. The information includes their name, age, race, hometown, date of execution, and last statement. I used IBM Watson API to decode emotion in the final statements.

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Visual Design

The data points form a large circle in the center. This rotating circle is designed to represent a symbolic meaning of life. Each particle has one of five colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and grey. Each color represents a dominant emotion found in the final statements. The size and opacity of particles represent the intensity of the dominant emotion.



Interacting with morphing particles present an immersive experience to viewers. It allows the viewers to discover stories behind the data in an engaging way.

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Key Screenshots