— is an interdisciplinary designer who likes to create fun, and exciting works.



 I am currently an undergrad student of OCAD U in Digital Futures Program. 

I have been a maker for as long as I could remember. Through my projects, I’ve garnered a love for creating an inspiring, and shareable experience with others.

As an artist, the subject that interests me is data. I find that data is the most interesting medium that I can pull out meaningful stories. One way that I present data is through the use of particles. Particles are a constant media in my best projects because not only can they create accurate depictions of the information proposed; but it also brings out my interests towards space. In my perspective, each particle is a star. Collections of these points create the universe of data. It expands, morphs, and changes, just like the one we live in. 

However, my ability and interest are not limited to creating a particle world. As a designer, I do care about how I can contribute to making a better community. I want to dedicate myself to solve problems for people who are in need of the most help with my knowledge and skills in digital technology and user experience design. What I want to achieve through my design practice and art projects intersects at the same point. It is all about presenting a good, and immersive experience.