Creating a good experience
is my passion.

A good experience is something we all are seeking for. Whether it is an experience that wows us or saves us from a splitting headache, it requires both creativity and efficiency with a touch of style. With various design skills, I make creative, efficient and visually elegant solutions.


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Empathetic listening is my specialty.

Identifying the root of the problem is the most important step in design process. I prioritize voices from users and stakeholders to find a satisfying solution for both groups.  

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I sketch my ideas on
text editors.

Beyond high fidelity mock ups, I code interactive and responsive prototypes. My experience and knowledge in programming helps me to come up with a design solution works in real-life scenario.

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I enjoy designing delightful
and elegant products.

Whether it is digital or physical, I believe that good visual aesthetic is important to deliver a more delightful and long-lasting user experience. I pay close attention to small details of the product such as micro interaction, fluid motion and color composition.


Are you interested in chatting with me? You can find me on LinkedIn.